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These are all the Doctors participating in the blog.

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"Captain Emo"/"Dissy" -

Origin: Human Universe

Regeneration: #12

Personality: ‘Discorded’, a coward, rude, selfish, bitter

Chosen room: Bar

"Mic"/"Mike" (Audio Doctor) -

Origins: Human Universe

Regeneration: 12

Personality: Kindhearted, Caring, A bit perverted

Chosen Room: Computer Lab

"Fivey"/"Blondie" -

Origins: Pony Universe

Regeneration: #5

Personality: Strict, Egotistical, Girly

Chosen room: Cricket Course

"Toony" -

Origin: Human Universe

Regeneration: Doesn’t remember, he lost count

Personality: Funny, Crazy, Gets lonely very easily

Chosen room: Model Train room

"Four Eyes"/"Nerd"  -

Origins: Human universe

Regeneration: He won’t tell

Personality: Arrogant, self-centered, hides his feelings

Chosen Room: Library

"Dreamy" -

Origins: Human Universe

Regeneration: 13

Personality: Loves using big words and big sentences. A Gentleman almost to obsession. Feminine in appearance as well as his mannerisms. HATES butter with a passion. Feels uncomfortable without clothes, unless in the bedroom. Greatly enjoys bedding other ponies.

Chosen Room: Relaxation Lounge

"Pearsmell" -

Origin: Universe A

Regeneration: After 10

Personality: Sassy, Creative, Socially Awkward, a bit Cautious.

Chosen room: Wardrobe

"Allons-y" -

Origins: Human Universe

Regeneration: 12

Personality:  Silly, childish, very annoying, puntastic

Chosen Room: Theater

"Clockwork/Sourface"(Audio Doctor) - +

Origin: Human Universe

Regeneration: #12

Personality: Adventerous, loves discovery, but can be a bit of a grump when bored, annoyed or at a loss. Tends to be just a touch arrogant or serious at times. A plan oriented Doctor he’s always five steps ahead, may be annoyed by more rash, less calculating Doctors. Doesn’t suffer fools lightly.

Chosen room: Study

"Pretty Boy"/"Senpai" -

Origin: Human Universe

Regeneration: #13

Personality: maverick, romantic, immersed

Chosen room: the Arcade

"Maddy" (Partial Audio) -

Origin: Human Universe

Regeneration: #12

Personality: Astute, dorky, teasing, occasionally manic or cruel, shy in certain situations, swings moods quickly

Chosen Room: Hotel Ballroom

"Big Ears" -

Origin: Pony Universe

Regeneration: #9

Personality: Short-tempered, keeps to himself, somewhat oblivious

Chosen Room: Greenhouse w/ banana grove

"Femmy" -

Origin: Human Universe

Regeneration: #12.5

Personality: sarcastic, organizing freak, prideful, over-emotional, motherly/fatherly, aggressive (sometimes)

Chosen Room: Music Room

"Fezhead" -

Origin: Pony Universe

Regeneration: 11th

Personality: Childish, Upbeat, Awkward, Scared of intimacy

Chosen room: Toy Room

"Ginger" - [NSFW]

Origin: Human Universe

Regeneration: Sometime after 10

Personality: Fiery, Hot-headed, Likes to prank, playful

Chosen room: Kitchen

"Red/Red Velvet" -

Origin: Human Universe

Regeneration: #10

Personality: Goofy, happy, oblivious, sly

Chosen room: Pool

"Sideburns" -

Origins: Human Universe

Regeneration: 10

Personality: cheerful, charismatic, enthusiastic, serious (at times)

Chosen Room: Living Room

"Raggedy" -

Origin: Pony Universe

Regeneration: 11

Personality: Fun, childish, serious when he needs to be, clueless about sexual advances

Chosen Room: Holo-Deck

"Grandpa" -

Origin:  Human Universe

Regeneration: #1

Personality: A bit forgetful, kindhearted grandfatherly figure, he was known to be abrasive, patronising, cantankerous and sometimes even show ruthlessness, willing to lie, and in one case, attempt to kill, to achieve his goals he eventually calmed to the grandfatherly figure he is now. He has tremendous knowledge of scientific matters as well as a warrior’s strength and spirit, He’s there for the one that need him most and is rather brave.

Chosen room: Medical Bay

"Clockwise" -

Origin: Human

Regeneration: #12.5

Personality:  Good sense of humor, closet pervert, unpredictable, sometime shy, resourceful,finicky, willing to be brave when he needs to be

Chosen Room: Studio-old area of the TARDIS)


Origin: Human universe

Regeneration: 10th

Personality: Flirty, Doesn’t like being told what to do, Quick to anger, A bit pushy when ignored, Likes to interact with others. Has a tendency to bite/nip.

Chosen room: Game Lounge

"Fabby/Blue Boy"

 Origin: Human Universe

Regeneration: 12

Personality: Shy, nervous, “second guesses himself”, dark when provoked, slightly manic

Chosen Room: Powder Room

 ”Sparkles”  -

Origins: Human Universe.

Regeneration: #10

Personality: Outwardly energetic and enthusiastic, he’s jovial and friendly to others. Impulsive and reckless, can become a little clingy and competitive. Very oblivious, he can become unpredictable and prone to severe mood swings if things don’t go as wanted.

Chosen Room: Workshop.


Origins: Pony Universe

Regeneration: 12

Personality: Happy, outgoing, has a thing for cute things. “personal space” is a relative term. Likes soft things.

Chosen room: Knitting room

"Hours/Hourglass" -

Origins: Humanverse

Regeneration: Can’t remember, lost count 

Personality: Optimistic, Too nice for his own good, overly sensitive of others feelings, peacekeeping, tries to love everything, goes above and beyond in every endeavour, cheesy, almost impossible to bore, flustered way too easily, peculiar interests, flamboyant

Chosen room: Gym

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