Voting time!

The one with the most votes is granted a scenario point and gets to prompt an event. This can be either a mini-event or a month event. Mini events involve some Doctors and last 2 weeks, whereas month events affect all Doctors.

*Note: If a Doctor wins, they can’t win for the next 2 voting sessions.

So, respond to this post via answers with which Doctor you think should get the point. Note: Dissy/Captain Emo cannot be voted on since his mod has done the last 2 Events. Toony won the last round of votes and is holding on to his event points, so you can’t vote for him either this round.

Remember, the list of Doctors with their respective nicknames can be found here.

You have 2 days to vote.

BONUS: You may also suggest the next TARDIS interior.

Which Doctor do you choose?

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    I vote for Fivey and I suggest the 5th-7th doctors Tardis interior
  3. cates123 answered: Clockwise
  4. aurumsadvenutres answered: 9th/10th doctor’s desktop theme with ‘Big Ears’ and ‘Clockwise’
  5. sonic5510 answered: Fezhead
  6. ask-roxasvamp13r answered: fivey
  7. pandabear25 answered: maddy
  8. tuxedoprism answered: Femmy
  9. ask-octavia-andthedoctor answered: Fivey!
  10. dragonsanddreamscapes answered: Clockwork!! Also, I’d love to see a nature desktop theme. Tree rooms and stuff would be fun!
  11. specter-atomis answered: all of them
  12. neoaustin answered: clockwork
  13. dominatorofgames answered: toony
  14. asksteelforge answered: clockwise
  15. thesketchypony answered: Allons-y
  16. chaosblast321 answered: femmy
  17. meet-bubble-splash answered: Allons-y!
  18. artxdark answered: Maddy
  19. graduis answered: ALL THE FEMALE DOCTORS
  20. righteous-hoof answered: Ginger doctor
  21. ask-science-brony answered: Big Ears!
  22. lecx-lonely-friend answered: Dissy
  23. steroid-twilight-sparkle answered: clockwise
  24. askwhiteeyes answered: Femmy
  25. somethingfangirly answered: Femmy!
  26. wishingstarthestudent answered: Clockwork, I choose you!
  27. fe26eagle answered: Fivey, and as for a theme I like Diesel Punk (look it up)
  28. askdeuceswylde answered: Pearsmell
  29. fangpony answered: femmy
  30. sir-walrus answered: Pearsmell
  31. dr-bipolar answered: Femmy
  32. the-pansexual-princess answered: Toothy!!
  33. whoovesstuck answered: pearsmell
  34. bookfangeek answered: Maddy did the best this time. The new TARDIS interior should be the current one (I really like it OKAY?! *blushes*)
  35. askalatea-mod answered: "Clockwise" + Clockwise’s TARDIS interior!
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